All There!

Titus 1:2 (NIV): in the hope of eternal life, which God, who does not lie, promised before the beginning of time


The story is told of a man who was poor. He lived on rather frugal means, just about getting through each day. Often barely having two square meals a day, and his clothes mostly in tatters. His friends, however, observed a strange habit he had. Every morning, he would go very dutifully to a bank near his house, with his chequebook in hand. Over time, the bank officials who knew exactly why he was there, on seeing him, would call out “all there” even before he asked anything. He would then smile knowingly, say thank you and return to his home, not having carried out any transaction at the bank.

A friend who could contain his curiosity no longer finally confronted him and asked him what his daily non-transaction bank visits were about. He replied with a half-smile, I received a huge amount as an inheritance from a relative many years ago, he said, which I deposited into the bank. I go every day to make sure that my money is safe. The friend was taken aback and asked, so you are actually a very rich man, are you? Yes replied the man, with a big smile. The friend now was thoroughly confused, asked the man, then why do you live in such poverty, why don’t you use the chequebook you have and draw money for your daily needs and live a better life? It was now the turn of the man to look with incredulous disbelief at his friend and exclaim, What? Is that what the chequebook is for? Can I actually use it to draw from my inheritance money for my own use??

As ridiculous as this story might sound, does it seem vaguely familiar too? Many Christians who choose and accept Christ as Savior, live as paupers, not using the rich promises available to every believer, in God’s Word,

God’s Word is filled with rich promises that are yours for the asking. Promises for every possible challenge you might be facing. Promises that are there to encourage you when you are low, when confused and have a decision to make. Whatever your situation, there is a promise that you can claim. The Word of God says every promise is aye and amen in Christ Jesus (2 Corinthians 1:20). But these promises remain like the huge uncashed inheritance in the bank if you will not use the chequebook of faith to encash them!! The Bible says, be doers of the word, not hearers (James 1:22) Are you living, enjoying the riches of God’s promises or living a pauper, just knowing that it is “all there”?

Dear Lord help me live every day knowing and claiming the rich promises from Your Word, I pray in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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